Attachment theory into the future: A workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby in Stockport

Fifty years of attachment theoryOn Friday 22nd February 2013, Mindsite will run a workshop on attachment theory; presented by Sir Richard Bowlby, the son of its founder John Bowlby.  The event will be held at Cheshire Conferences and Events at Edgeley Part Stadium, Stockport.

Since his formal retirement in 1999 Sir Richard Bowlby has focused on studying and presenting the work of his father.  In 2004, he gave the opened speech at the second Winnicott Memorial Lecture; which was published in book form by Karnac, on behalf of the Winnicott Clinic of Psychotherapy.  He maintains contact internationally with workers and organisations engaged in the field of child development and has become involved with innovative community-based projects designed to help young parents and their families to develop secure relationships.  His views are challenging and controversial.

6 hours CPD.  Certificates of attendance will be provided.

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