New CPD Events Added – Myth and Attachment Theory

New CPD events on Myth and Attachment theory for 2015

We are delighted to announce that we have added two new events. These focus on themes that have emerged as favourites with our attendees – Myth and Attachment theory.

Myth in psychotherapy: Narcissism: with Donna Savery on Friday 12th June 2015

New CPD Events 1By popular demand, Donna Savery is returning to run a further one day workshop on Myth in Psychotherapy.  This time it will focus specifically on the theme of narcissism.

Donna will consider the increasing prevalence of narcissism in today’s culture; how this affects feelings of entitlement, emptiness, dissatisfaction and rage; and the subsequent impact on expectations and power dynamics in relationships. Through engagement with the myth, she will explore the characters and traits of both Narcissus and Echo (the nymph who adored him) and the degree to which these dynamics are enacted in relationships.  She will then show that the myth can be used as a container for the expression and exploration of echoistic and narcissistic feelings.

Therapists of different orientations will have the opportunity to explore their own Naricissistic and Echosistic traits, and see how these affect their personal relationships and their roles and approach in the room. The session will involve pair and group work to engage with imagery, text and performance. In addition there will be opportunities for discussion and for the consideration of fundamental questions such as the value in working with narcissistic clients, co-dependency, labelling and its uses, and why engaging with echoism is important in psychotherapy.

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Attachment theory: Bowlby to current theory and practice: with Dr Mario Marrone on Friday 18th September 2015

New CPD Events 2On Friday 18th September 2015 Dr Mario Marrone will lead a one day workshop on Attachment theory.

In November 2014 we had an extremely successful return visit from Sir Richard Bowlby, who provided a unique insight into attachment theory, his father’s work, its wide ranging applications, and directions it could take in the future.  In response to this, a number of attendees commented that they would like something that was more practice oriented.  We have decided to address this by inviting one of the most eminent practitioners in the field, Dr Mario Marrone.

The day will be structures around three topics:

  1. Basic concepts
  2. Intergenerational transmission of patterns of attachment
  3. Attachment and sexuality

There will be group discussion sessions after each section and at the end of the day.  This will allow delegates to participate fully in the event and to raise areas of interest and concern.

Dr Marrone’s approach to therapy will be of interest to counsellors and psychotherapists of all orientations.  On his website he states that:

Following Bowlby, I see therapy as a safe and confidential space where a secure attachment between patient and therapist can be promoted and developed.  This safe space acts as a platform from where it may be possible to explore the patients’s attachment history and current relationships (including the relationship with the therapist).  Warmth, empathy and connectivity are important elements of the therapeutic relationship.

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