Culture as a positive resource: A Workshop with George MacDonald in Stockport on Friday 24th May 2013

Culture is a recognised issue in counselling and psychotherapy

Picture of George MacDonaldHowever, I believe that it is poorly understood and badly taught.  Current and recent approaches, described as cross cultural, transcultural, intercultural or multicultural; fail to address the challenge (Moodley, 2007).  Rather than viewing culture as a positive resource, these approaches reduce it to a series of problematic obstacles that (predominantly white, middle class and male) therapists must overcome.  This ignores the subtlety, individuality, and contextuality of culture, and addresses the needs of the therapist, rather than the client.

This one day workshop on  ‘Culture as a positive resource’ will map out a theoretical basis for the understanding of culture, and consider ways in which it can be transformed into a positive resource.  It takes a psychoanalytic and group analytic perspective; but has close affinity with more person-centres approaches.  The ideas will be illustrated with video, with qualitative research data and experientially in the group.

This exciting topic, has relevance to all models of counselling and psychotherapy, and to an understanding of the modern postcolonial world.  The workshop will be lead by George MacDonald, who will shortly complete his Doctorate in Counselling, researching the subject.  The workshop will be of interest to counsellors, psychotherapists and researchers in the field of culture.

6 hours CPD, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

The venue is yet to be finalised, but it will be in or near to Stockport.

The cost is £60 per person (£40 for full time students), with a £10 ‘early bird’ discount for reservation made before 29th March.

To attend – email, call Jonathan at 0161 439 7773, or press the button below to register with confidence through Eventbrite. You can pay by Paypal. card or cheque. Or we will invoice you or your organisation.

Eventbrite - Culture in Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Workshop with George MacDonald in Stockport



Moodley, R. (2007). (Re)placing multiculturalism in counselling and psychotherapy. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 35(1), 1-22.

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