Metaphor in Counselling and Psychotherapy – An Overview

Metaphor in counselling and psychotherapy – An Overview

Metaphor in counselling and psychotherapyThis webpage provides access to a document on Metaphor in counselling and psychotherapy written by Dr Jonathan Lloyd.  The document provides a general overview of the the use of metaphor and covers a technique called clean language, which was developed by the clinical psychologist David Grove. This is background to a workshop in Stockport on Friday 1st December 2017.  A section of the workshop will be live streamed on YouTube starting at 10:00 GMT.  To access the live stream click below.

In the workshop Jonathan will provide a comprehensive view of the use of metaphor and in the experiential session in the afternoon, he will demonstrate the use of metaphor and clean language in practice.

The workshop is based on Jonathan’s Doctoral Thesis on the subject.  If you would like more information, then you can contact Jonathan at

To download the document click here.

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A small selection of references on the use of metaphor in counselling and psychotherapy is given below.


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