Mindsite Two Years On

Mindsite Two Years On

MindsiteThe idea for Mindsite emerged about two years ago and our first event, lead by Sir Richard Bowlby, was held on 22 Feb 2013. On 14th November 2014 we had the great pleasure of welcoming Sir Richard back to Stockport for our tenth event.

Our objectives were and remain to provide inspirational events, good venues and value for money. Looking back we believe that we have succeeded in this objective and our customers seem to agree. We have also had a lot of enjoyment and pleasure along the way.

We include a selection of comments from delegates on our home page and – in the interest of evidence based practice – we are now making the results of the evaluations available on the website. To view these click here.

In summary, these show that we have achieved a very high level of satisfaction among our customers, with many returning multiple times. The average overall rating over the ten events has been 4.74 out of 5.

So we thank you, our valued customers, for your support and hope that you will keep coming back.

Jonathan Lloyd
George MacDonald

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