Spirituality in Counselling and Psychotherapy: In Manchester on 11th Dec 2015

Spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy: A workshop with  Prof William West in Manchester on Friday 11th Dec 2015

09:30 – 16:00

Spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy 1In this one day workshop Prof William West will explore the topic of spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy.  Spirituality is one of the great mysteries of humanity.  It ranges from specific beliefs in transcendental entities or energies; to qualities of perception and affect that attach themselves to artefacts, individuals, groups or experiences.  Attempts to define it change its  pattern, or cause it to disperse or dissolve.  It relates to cultural roots and life experiences, but is much more than these.

At a practical level, spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy is especially challenging.  Practitioners need to nurture and protect their own spirituality, and sometimes enlist it in the therapy they provide.  At the same time they must respect and engage with the spirituality of their clients.  The idea conceals itself in hidden corners.  It emerges in the writings of Jung.  But it is also sensed in the psychodynamic process of transference; in Rogers concept of presence; and in existential approaches – where absence conjures up the very thing that is excluded.

Spirituality in counselling an psychotherapy 4The workshop will consist of:

  • short presentations by William on relevant spiritual issues followed by questions and discussion
  • individual and small group work sessions where people will be able to explore spiritual issues in greater depth
  • live counselling demonstration by William
  • plenary sessions to reflect on the experience of the day

The topics addressed will be:

  • Spirituality and its relationship to Counselling and Psychotherapy
    How we define spirituality; living in a secular world or not; the complicated relationship between spirituality and therapy; spirituality as experience and meaning making.
  • Clients and their spirituality
    What it may mean to them; the challenge of remaining client focused; what their beliefs do for them; relevant knowledge; referrals.
  • Spirituality in the therapy session
    Relational depth; presence; tenderness; I/Thou; silence; experiencing beyond words; when God is in the room
  • Therapists and their spirituality
    Knowing where we stand; processing spiritual content; role of supervision; not having to know.

About the event

Spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy 1This is a workshop for people who are interested in the idea of spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy. Spirituality remains an important part of life in the cultural and sub~cultural diversity of modern Britain. The apparent dominance of secular culture can lead those who value their spirituality (and religion) to feel marginalised.  And it is a challenge for counsellors and psychotherapists to recognise and work with the diverse spiritual beliefs of their clients.  This workshop will be a space where spirituality is welcomed, and in which we can gently and deeply reflect on the meaning of spirituality to us and our clients.

About the workshop leader

Spirituality in counselling and psychotherapy 3William West is a Visiting Professor in Counselling at the University of Chester and Reader in Counselling Studies at the University of Manchester. He is most noted for his interest in spirituality and for his work with doctorate and PhD students. He has written widely on topics around his areas of interest, such as Psychotherapy & Spirituality: Crossing the Line between Therapy and Religion (Sage, 2000).  And he has edited a number of books that bring together his own writings with those of like minded contributors.  Examples include Integrating Traditional Healing Practices into Counselling and Psychotherapy (Sage, 2005, with Roy Moodley), Exploring Therapy, Spirituality and Healing (Palgrave 2011) and Therapy, Culture and Spirituality: Developing Therapeutic Practice (Palgrave, 2014; with Greg Nolan).  William is a keen cyclist, amateur poet and novice piano player.

The cost is £90 per delegate. For registrations made before 30th September 2015, there will be an ‘early bird’ rate of £80.  After 30 September, we will maintain the ‘early bird’ rate for groups of three or more who book and pay together.

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The event, which includes lunch, will be held in the relaxed and historic Hallé St Michaels in Ancoats, Central Manchester. It will start at 09:30 and finish promptly at 16:00.

6 hours CPD. An individually signed certificate of attendance will be provided to all registered delegates. Those who register within 24 hours of the event, or who wish to obtain a duplicate, can order one from the website.

To register immediately press the button below. You can book with confidence through Eventbrite, and pay by Paypal. card or cheque. Or we can invoice you or your organisation.  Alternatively email events@mindsite.co.uk , or call Jonathan at 0161 439 7773.  To view our cancellation policy click here.

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