Trauma in Counselling and Psychotherapy – 26/02/2016: Workshop Materials

Trauma in counselling and psychotherapy – 26/02/2016: Workshop materials

We hope you found the event enjoyable and instructive.

To download the programme for the day click here.

This is Frank Ochberg’s definition of how PTSD affects the brain:

And a compatible view from Bessel van der Kolk:

To download the presentation in slide format click here.

To download the presentation in handout format click here.

Further materials will be added after the event

A number of the video clips used in the workshop are on YouTube. To view the clip on playing (o)possum click below:

To view the video clip on Mistakes made: Lessons learned, click below.

To view Babette Rothschild talking about ‘Remembering is not required’ and casting some doubt on outcome research then click below. This provides a balanced view on the topic of remembering and re-experiencing:

The videos circulated during the workshop were:

Working with PTSD: The essential guide
Explaining PTSD: Lessons for mental health professionals
The counting method: A treatment technique for PTSD
Resolving trauma in psychotherapy: A somatic approach – with Perter Levine
Core stretegies for treating traumatic bereavement: Presented by Therese Rando

These are all available from and links to the appropriate pages are incuded above.

If you are interested in NICE CG26 then you can access the recommendations here, or the full evidence base here.

If you would like to find out more about Metaphor therapy then you can watch the excellent video below in which Dr Richard Siegel describes his approach, also based on the work of David Grove; and illustrates it with a large number of examples:

I will add the five videos of practitioners working with clients below. Some are currently just over 20 minutes long, which is the limit for sharing with Real Times. I will edit these down and add them when I have time. To view Frank Ochberg working with ‘Maya’ using the counting method, click below:

To view Peter Levine working with ‘Ray’ using somatic experiencing then click below. An overview of somatic experiencing was included in the delegate packs for the event, and this clip from the second session concentrates on bodily awareness and pendulation.

To view Fiona Kennedy working with ‘Christina’ using trauma focused CBT, then click below. This clip, from the second session, is the key section in which she focuses on re-experiencing and challenges maladaptive cognitions:

She received considerable feedback about the video, and posted a response on her webpage regarding the difference between retraumatising and reliving. She makes the point that it is sensible to get training in the use of the technique before using it with a client. You can view it by clicking below:

To view David Grove working with ‘Anna’ click below:

To view Tian Dayton working with ‘Sheila’ click below:

To download trauma references, click here.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes

George MacDonald

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