The Adult Attachment Interview in Practice – Dr Mario Marrone in Stockport

The Adult Attachment Interview – A workshop with Dr Mario Marrone in Stockport on Friday 27th October 2017

09:30 – 16:00

Attachment theory 1 Attachment theory remains one of the most practical, useful and unifying theories in the world of counselling and psychotherapy. In September 2015 Dr Mario Marrone ran a one day workshop for Mindsite in Manchester.  In it he provided an overview of attachment theory that linked John Bowlby’s pioneering work to current theory and practice.  This was based on the 2014 second edition of his book Attachment and Interaction.

This time he will return to provide a theoretical and experiential exploration of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI).  The AAI was originally developed by Dr Mary Main, who was a psychologist and one of John Bowlby’s early collaborators.  It was developed as a research tool to investigate the attachment style of adult participants.  The interview protocol is freely available on the internet, although the coding and evaluation process is commercially confidential and is accessed by professionals through licenced training.  The protocol is also used to investigate phenomena such as mentalization.

Dr Marrone and others believe that the protocol itself has considerable potential in therapy, training and personal development.  In this workshop he will provide theoretical background and guide participants through the process of using the questions in the context of a therapeutic experience.

Attachment theory is a wide ranging and virtually universal piece of psychological theory. Although John Bowlby was a psychoanalyst, he was shunned by the psychoanalytic establishment. He challenged current ideas and individuals; worked with other professions, and insisted that conclusions from clinical practice should be backed by research. The task of reclaiming Bowlby’s legacy is one to which Dr Marrone has returned throughout his career (e.g. 2004). And, of course, the world has moved on; so it is necessary to take account of more recent developments.

Overview of the workshop

In the morning Dr Marrone will provide a theoretical overview of attachment theory and the Adult attachment interview.  The participants will then break into pairs to work through the protocol – Which Dr Marrone will guide them through.  After lunch the roles will be reversed and there will then be a debrief and open discussion on the learning gained.

For further information and frequently asked questions on attachment theory, visit the International Attachment Theory website by clicking here.

Attachment theory 2Mario Marrone is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and group analyst. He originally trained as a medical doctor in Rosario (Argentina), choosing to specialise in psychiatry. He has worked as a psychiatrist in Argentina and in the NHS, has lectured internationally, and is now in full time practice as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. He works with individuals and couples, and runs group therapy workshops.

He is currently chairman of the International Attachment Network, a member of the British Psychoanalytical Society and the Association of Independent Psychoanalysts. He has been a member of the Institute of Group Analysis, the Experts’ Committee on Mental Health Promotion for the European Commission, and the Board of Directors of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy.

Attachment and IntersubjectivityHis interests in therapy are wide ranging and he has trained in social psychology and psychodrama which he now regards as an especially effective way to reach the emotional brain. However it is in the area of Attachment Theory that he has achieved most recognition. Attachment theory is central to his approach to practice. He received clinical supervision with John Bowlby for ten years and is co-founder of the International Attachment Network and the Journal of Attachment and Human Development. His approach to therapy will be of interest to counsellors and psychotherapists of all orientations.

On his website he states that:

Following Bowlby, I see therapy as a safe and confidential space where a secure attachment between patient and therapist can be promoted and developed. This safe space acts as a platform from where it may be possible to explore the patients’s attachment history and current relationships (including the relationship with the therapist). Warmth, empathy and connectivity are important elements of the therapeutic relationship.

Attachment and PsychoanalyticHe has published a number of books and papers on attachment theory. These include Attachment and interaction: From Bowlby to current clinical theory and practice (2014), now in its second edition; and Attachment and intersubjectivity (2003), co-written with Nicola Diamond. He also co-edited Attachment theory and the psychoanalytic process (2003) with Mauricio Cortina.

His academic writings have generally been published as papers in psychoanalytic and group analytic journals or as book chapters in edited works. They are mostly related to attachment theory or to the situation and development of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and group analysis in other parts of the world. His 1984 article on ‘Aspects of Transference in Group Analysis’ was accompanied by a response from John Bowlby.

The event, which includes lunch, will be held at the Friends Meeting House in Stockport. After registration, the event will commence at 09:30 and end promptly at 16:00.

The cost is £130 per delegate. Up until 28th July there will be an Early Bird rate of £115.  After this date, we will maintain the Early Bird rate for groups of three or more people who book and pay at the same time.

The event provides 6 hours CPD – and a signed certificates of attendance will be provided to all registered delegates. Those who register within 24 hours of the event, or who wish to obtain an additional or replacement copy may order this on the website. For further information click here.

To register immediately press the button below. You can register with confidence using Eventbrite and pay by PayPal, card or cheque. If you wish to pay offline by cheque or direct transfer then email, or call Jonathan on 0161 439 7773.  To view our cancellation policy click here.

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