Trauma in Counselling and Psychotherapy 11th April 2014 – Presentations and References

Trauma in counselling and psychotherapy – Presentations and references

We hope you have found this event enjoyable and instructive. If you have any comments, queries or concerns; then please contact us. To visit the contact page click here.

To download the morning presentation click here.

To download the afternoon presentation click here.

To download trauma references, click here.

Some of the video clips are on Youtube.  If you would like to revisit these, then follow the links below.

This is Frank Ochberg’s definition of how PTSD affects the brain:

Here is the video of ‘Mistakes made’:

And here is Babette Rothschild talking about ‘Remembering is not required’:

Unfortunately the other videos are subject to copyright restrictions.

We would remind you that the Promo code Trauma981 will give a £10 discount on future Mindsite events from 11th April until midnight on 20th April.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Jonathan Lloyd
George MacDonald

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