Attachment theory into the future: A workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby in Stockport – Friday 22nd February 2013

RB selfportrait JPG6On Friday 22nd February 2013 Sir Richard Bowlby will lead a workshop on attachment theory in Stockport.  He will provide a retrospective analysis of his father’s work and think about its implications for the future.

Sir Richard is especially interested in child care and the way in which daycare fits in to the overall caring package.  His challenging views have implications for all primary carers; and for service provision, and wider social policy.

Before his formal retirement, Sir Richard worked as a scientific photographer in various medical research institutions where he provided visual aids for communicating research findings.  He now gives lectures to healthcare professionals using video material and personal insights to promote a much broader understanding of his father’s work on attachment theory.  He supports a wide range of organisations that address challenging attachment issues, and is seeking ways to help the general public benefit from a better understanding of attachment relationships.

Fifty years of attachment theory

In 2004 he gave the opening lecture at the Winnicott Memorial Lecture; and this was published in book form by Karnac, on behalf of the Winnicott Clinic of Psychotherapy.

The event, which includes lunch, will be held in the comfortable, relaxed environment of Cheshire Conferences and Events at Edgeley Park Stadium, Stockport.

The cost is £95 per delegate (£55 for full time students).

6 hours CPD – a signed certificates of attendance will be provided


Sir Richard Bowlby explains the attachment styles of toddlers, as revealed in the ‘Strange Situation’* (Ainsworth et al., 1978):

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* The ‘Strange Situation’ is a standard experimental laboratory technique used by researchers in attachment theory. It was developed by Mary Ainsworth, who worked with John Bowlby in the early 1950s, at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She later carried out close observation of infants and their mothers in Uganda and Baltimore, USA.

Recommended books on attachment theory

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