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Mindsite – About us

Mindsite is a collaboration between Dr Jonathan Lloyd and Dr George MacDonald. We met as doctoral students at the University of Manchester. Our mission is to be a trusted source of high quality CPD and training for counsellors, psychotherapists and healthcare professionals. Our events are held in Stockport, which is particularly convenient for Manchester and Cheshire. Stockport also has good rail and road connections and is easily accessible from further afield. All Manchester trains from the south stop in Stockport and the normal duration of services from London Euston is under two hours.

Events in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

We are committed to inspirational events, value for money and good venues. We want to bring the best speakers and facilitators to the North West, and we want to run the most relevant and appropriate events. Above all, we want to respond to our customers and encourage feedback and suggestions. If you would like to comment, share an idea or suggest an event click here.

The Name

The inspiration for the name came from a book called ‘Mindsight’ by the psychiatrist Dan Siegel. An advert for this book serendipitously entered our awareness in a cafe in Stockport. The subject of Siegel’s book was the human brain. He defined Mindsight as the capacity for both insight and empathy. This seemed to capture the essence of our project. So, what better name for our presence on the web than ‘Mindsite’?

Our short history

Our first event was held on Friday 22nd February 2013. The venue was Edgeley Park Stadium in Stockport. It was called ‘Attachment theory into the future: A workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby’. Feedback from participants was excellent and the experience has reinforced our commitment to provide further and better events in Manchester and Cheshire.

Keeping in touch with us and others

To keep in touch with Mindsite events, subscribe to our mailing list or blog. This can be done from the RH sidebar. Or, in some mobile devices, it may be below. Alternatively you can visit our new forums section. This enables interaction with other interested professionals, who are interested in the same topics. You can access the forums section from the main menu. To start a topic or post a comment you need to be registered and signed in. This can be done from the ‘meta’ area in the sidebar.

Contact us

To contact us click here.

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