CPD events for counsellers and psychotherapists in late 2014 / 2015

CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists – additions to the Mindsite programme

As the British summer marches on we have been thinking about CPD events for end of 2014 and early 2015. We have now added three new events:

Mindfulness and compassion in counselling and psychotherapy: 12th December 2014

CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists1On Friday 12th December David Oldham will run a workshop on Mindful compassion. David is an experienced teacher of meditation who has taught both nationally and internationally for a variety of organisations, including the Mindfulness Association, Samye Ling Monastery and Macmillan Cancer Support.  In his work as a counsellor in private practice and as a Macmillan counsellor in a local hospice he uses mindful practices and teaches Mindful Compassion to patients.  In addition, he regularly runs training retreats for health care professionals and the public.  He has trained with a variety of the leading teachers and researchers in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, compassion and self-compassion.  His teaching is supported by his MA research on the impact of neuroscience on theory and practice.  This is a field he continues to explore. For further information, click here.

EMDR – An introduction: 27th February 2015

CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists2 CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists3On Friday 27th February 2015, Dr Liz Royle and Cath Kerr will provide an introduction to EMDR. Liz Royle and Cath Kerr are EMDR Europe Approved Consultants and authors of the book “Integrating EMDR into your Practice.”.  They both work within the continuum of trauma presentations, from using EMDR with very recent traumatic events to working with PTSD, complex trauma and dissociation.  They have published and presented internationally on the subject of EMDR including its applicability to vicarious trauma, stigma and chronic fatigue syndrome. They regularly run workshops for practitioners who are newly trained and less confident in integrating their existing skills into an EMDR psychotherapeutic approach. For further information click here.

Trauma in counselling and psychotherapy

CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists4CPD events for counsellors and psychotherapists5On Friday 27th March 2015 Jonathan Lloyd and George MacDonanald of Mindsite will repeat their popular workshop on ‘Trauma in counselling and psychotherapy’ It has become an annual event for us and we are encouraged by feedback from participants to continue the tradition. For further information click here.

The complete programme is now as follows:

Day Date Event Presenter
Friday 24/10/2014 Working with self-harm in counselling and psychotherapy Dr Andrew Reeves
Friday 14/11/2014 Attachment theory into the future Sir Richard Bowlby
Friday 12/12/2014 Mindfulness and compassion in counselling and psychotherapy David Oldham
Friday 27/02/2015 EMDR – An introduction Dr Liz Royle / Cath Kerr
Friday 27/03/2015 Trauma in counselling and psychotherapy Jonathan Lloyd / George MacDonald

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