Attachment Theory with Sir Richard Bowlby

Attachment theory into the future: A workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby

Our inaugural event was held on Friday 22nd February 2013 at Cheshire Conferences and Events at Edgeley Part Stadium, Stockport.  Eighty three delegates attended and It was universally judged to be a great success.

We have now had time to evaluate the feedback and overall, on a scale of 0-5, delegates gave the event a mark of over 4.5 (for those with a quantitative bent x̄ = 4.57, s = .61, N=43).  A number of the delegates were so impressed that they immediately booked up for future events.

Sir Richard enjoyed the day and has agreed to come back next year – especially after discovering that Sockport is only two hours from Euston!

Jonathan and I have been encouraged and inspired by the experience and we will continue our quest to bring the best CPD and training to the North West.  Ernesto Spinelli and Mick Cooper are already booked and we are running smaller events on reflective supervision, trauma and ethics and the law.

We have added some additional material to the event page and we will keep this available for some time, in case anyone wishes to consult it.  It can be accessed through the Events / Past Events entry in the main menu.

If there are any events that you would like to see please let us know by emailing us at or using the contact form here.

To view our programme of events click here.

George MacDonald


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