Trauma in Counselling and Psychotherapy – 21st June 2013

Trauma and counselling and psychotherapy – A workshop in Stockport

Trauma is a subject that has long fascinated us and now Jonathan and I are excited about this event, which is the first we will deliver together under the Mindsite brand.

There has been a good level of registrations and places are still available. However, to keep the event interactive, we are restricting attendees to twenty.

In the morning I will attempt to answer the questions – what is trauma? And how do we work with it? I will look at the topic from the medical perspective of DSM, ICD and NICE, then consider psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, person-centred and other perspectives. My conclusion is that trauma is complex and deeply embedded in our society. It can be ‘treated’ but inappropriate treatment can cause damage. However counsellors and psychotherapists cannot avoid the ‘condition’ because it is fundamental to almost every problem, whether or not there is a formal diagnosis of PTSD.  It is necessary to carefully consider what is best for the clients or patients, and especially in short term work, directly addressing the traumatic event may not necessarily provide the best outcome. This leads on to the afternoon session and the therapeutic use of ‘clean language’, metaphor and symbol.

In the afternoon Jonathan will run an interactive and experiential workshop on the resolution of traumatic memories using metaphor and symbols. This is based on the work of David Grove and makes use of original training material licenced to him for training purposes.

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